The Supermarket Chronicles III: Heads Over Heels (Special Welcome Back Double Edition)

As this year’s upper school liaison, one of my charges is to lead new teacher orientation.  Yesterday, I brought our Indonesian newbies to the grocery store to stock their new apartments with some essentials.  And who can’t move into their new apartment without…

...butter, eggs, bread, chicken heads...

…butter, eggs, bread, chicken heads…

We finished our shopping excursion and the new recruits dropped off their groceries at home.  I would have done the same with mine, except Sarah had accidentally bolted the door and fallen asleep with the kids (well, she tells me accidentally, anyway).  After pounding on the door, redialing her cell phone and having the bellman call the landline a few times without wake up success, I brought my groceries to one of the new faculty member’s apartment.  We stashed them in Daniel’s fridge and went to find some dinner.  Daniel had already been exposed to this blog, and I showed him the above picture as my new Supermarket Chronicles post.  Ha, ha, ha, we laughed.

Since I had already taken the new faculty to Tortuga their first night (of course) we decided to try another one of our regular haunts, the Korean/Italian Barbecue (a natural combination, right?).  One of the dishes I love to order at this place is a pile of boneless, crispy fried chicken which comes with a cheesy, spicy sauce on the side.  Daniel loves spicy food, and despite the warnings from his wife via email (Andrea will arrive in Indonesia from the States in a few weeks) that I was responsible for restricting Daniel’s spicy food intake, I assured him this was a meal not to be missed.  While I was away in America, the restaurant had rearranged its menu.  Not to worry, I found chicken with spicy sauce on the menu in Indonesian, complete with a blurry picture that looked like the meal I usually order.  What came was…

A pile of chicken feet in a soup of red stuff

A pile of chicken feet in a soup of red stuff

After the horror had subsided, we made a courageous effort on the meal but couldn’t even begin to figure out what to eat and what not. When the waitress came back to our table with an empty bowl and plastic gloves, we were even more confused.  Fortunately, I handled the situation like any professional orientation leader and travel guide would have- I faked a work call on my cell phone to sound as if I needed to do something immediately, asked our waitress to pack the two dinners for take away (so sorry, mbak) and we quickly made our escape.  We went directly down the road back to Tortuga, gifted the chicken feet to the wait staff there, and ordered beers to recover from the shock.  Welcome to Indonesia, Daniel.


3 thoughts on “The Supermarket Chronicles III: Heads Over Heels (Special Welcome Back Double Edition)

  1. John,

    I have been enjoying your blog. Looks like you have had a busy summer. Why am I not surprised that you are the upper school liaison?

    Miss you across the hall 😦 Glad your family is enjoying Indonesia and all your travels. I look forward to reading more.


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