The Supermarket Chronicles IV: For What Ails You

There we were, in Hoi An, Vietnam, rummaging through one of the many local shops for a few toys to keep the kids preoccupied so we could continue to tour the amazing, ancient city.  Right between the bracelets Áine was trying on and the miniature tuk-tuk Cian was crashing through the rest of the knick-knacks, I come across this bottle, which the young lady, desperate to have us buy something, holds up:

Oh, how sweet.  What's in that bottle?

Oh, how sweet. What’s in the bottle?

Upon closer inspection, I see this:

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Yes, submerged in the equivalent of Vietnamese vodka and surrounded by ginseng roots, that would be a young cobra holding the tail of a large, black scorpion in its mouth.  The label on the other side says it should be taken daily in small doses to “cure lumbago, rheumatism and sweaty limbs”.  Now, I don’t think I have lumbago because I don’t know what that is and I’m thankfully still just shy of the age for rheumatism, but sweaty limbs? Shit, I live 6º south of the equator! I have sweaty limbs daily!  Maybe a morning shot of scorpion/cobra juice is just what I need to stave off those chronic limb sweats I suddenly realised I suffered from.

Cian is playing with the tuk-tuk on the hotel bed now, and Áine looks in the mirror every five minutes to make sure she is simply divine wearing her new bracelet.

The bottle is still with the young lady.


4 thoughts on “The Supermarket Chronicles IV: For What Ails You

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