The Supermarket Chronicles XII: Shuck and Slurp

Cigna's first oyster. Sarah's not much of a raw shellfish fan

Cian’s first oyster.  Sarah’s not a fan

Faithful readers may recall a couple years back my sister’s fiancé’s daring initiation into Cape Cod cuisine.  That particular post was featured on the Cape Cod Times website and to this day is still one of my most viewed articles (you’re welcome, Nathan!).  Clearly, my family has an unusual fondness for seafood.  Now, you may not feel that landlocked Vermont would be the ideal venue for shellfish experiments.  We were visiting the Green Mountain State to enjoy winter sports (post coming soon), and the Powell clan descended on The Farmhouse Tap and Grill in Burlington for a sumptuous New Year’s Day dinner, including $1 raw oysters from choice New England beaches.  If you’re trying to navigate the array of downtown Burlington restaurants, The Farmhouse comes highly recommended.  My father and I sucked down a half dozen oysters each before our meal, and intrigued by the process, Cian wanted to try one (he’s our more adventurous eater.  There are only about seven foods Áine deems acceptable).  Since consuming raw shellfish in Nigeria is, um, not suggested, we thought we’d give it a go.  Tender, sweet and cheap, it was the perfect opportunity, and Cian was feeling brave.


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