We seemed to lead a content life back in Connecticut.  We bought a modest home nestled in the forest and over ten years remodeled every room, from new crown moulding down to refinished wood floors.  Sarah was at home with the kids as Mom, and I had a great job teaching science at the high school in our charming, rural, New England town. Cian, born in 2009, filled his social calendar with friends from preschool and the local mother’s club.  Áine, born out of the furious 2011 winter, quickly established herself as ruler of the house. Our parents were close by for the occasional babysitting or free meal, and more shopping than we ever needed was within driving distance.  All of our HGTV dreams had come true.

But over those last few years we realized that our domestic, comfortable lifestyle was not fulfilling.  The routine was, well, too routine, and the days lost their luster and spark.  Someone could say a day of the week and a time, and we could tell you where we would be and what we were doing.  The cycles of mowing, raking, and shoveling were endless, and home improvement became expensive drudgery.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months- life was passing through us.  We longed to be awake, and we wanted more for our children than our lifestyle would allow.  The infections from our travel bug bites were coming out of remission, and we spent more and more time spinning the globe in our family room.

So in July of 2013, sacrificing our comfy life, we dropped everything in search of enrichment, adventure, and something to wake us up.  We sold, threw out or stored the possessions we thought we couldn’t live without, put our house up for rent weeks after our last room was renovated, packed anything that remained into suitcases, and boarded a plane.  Leaving the tedium for something inspiring. A departure from “the domestic”.

We started our journey living halfway around the world in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the island of Java and teaching in a small international school for two years, where we embraced the Indonesian way of life and its kind, gracious people.  We now live and work in Lagos, Nigeria, and are exploring another region of the world.  Although there may be a new set of challenges, we are awake, alive and pleasantly unaware of which adventure life will bring us next.

This is our story…