The Mainland Trilogy 1: Cambodia

Aine enjoying her paparazzi moment as she gets her visa pictures done

As mentioned previously, in an act of sheer selfish efficiency we deceived our darling children into believing that Christmas was December 20th because we (by this I mean the royal we, since Sarah planned the whole trip) were on our way to mainland Southeast Asia.  This gave them a day to play with their new toys before we ripped them from their clutches early the next morning to head to the airport.  Despite this, the kids were excited about their “next adventure” and handled it well- especially when our once streamlined luggage became behemoths with the new toys that just had to come with us.  Our journey was a daring, some might even say a reckless, undertaking:  3 countries, 9 flights, and an overnight train ride in 20 days with two kids under 6.  Understandably, it was easy to get carried away with the planning- this area of the world has so much to offer.  We trusted that the kids were travel-weathered enough to endure it, and the parents were travel-clever enough to survive. Continue reading