Rainforest & Reef: Into Borneo

Last week, Sarah, Cian, Áine, teacher friends Adrian, Caitlin, and Brent along with Sarah’s sister Jaime and I spent a week in Sabah, the northeast Malaysian province of Borneo.  Borneo has always brought to my mind dark, impenetrable jungle, exotic, indigenous tribes, and unexplored terrain.  It was definitely a place I wanted to see while in Indonesia.  The hub of the area is the Dr. Suess-ish named town of Kota Kinabalu (known to hip backpackers as KK), where we arrived at midnight on Saturday/Sunday after a two and 1/2 hour flight from Jakarta.  We walked through the darkness to a backpacker hostel and most of us took a short rest before heading back to the airport for 5am.  Some of us realized it would be the better use of our time to skip sleep and drink beer instead. Continue reading