Signs of a New Year III

Another amazing year abroad, another weird sign safari year.  2016 features gems from Nigeria, Norway, and the USA.  If you’re new to Domestic Departure, please also check out the Signs of a New Year collections from 2015 and 2014.

Happy New Year, folks!  As always, thanks for reading and we wish you an adventurous and inspiring 2017!


Along the Fjord: A School Trip to Norway


Leaving School

Growing up, the one thing I knew I would never be was a teacher. Watching my mother grade until one in the morning, volunteer evenings for endless nonsense celebrating mediocrity and take phone calls in the middle of the night when a student was killed in a car accident was not my idea of a blooming career.  After working in Malawi and returning home penniless, however, I substituted at my mother’s school system to get my life back in order and before I could stop it, I was blindsided by a teaching certificate and now I’m on my 15th teaching year.  One of my biggest motivators for going into education was to bring students abroad- I can’t describe what it’s like watching a student experience a new part of the world for the first time.  It’s pure magic and a reminder of the wonders of travelling.  After leading four trips from the States to Costa Rica, an adventure with students in Sumatra and a journey to Lombok, I feel like I have my chaperone feet well in the sand.  Taking privileged, Western students from a modern country to the developing world is a no-brainer, but where do you bring kids when you live in Nigeria? Continue reading