Signs of a New Year

Warning– Some things in this post are unapologetically inappropriate, dirty and in poor taste.  (Enticing, isn’t it?)

In honor of the upcoming new year, I humbly present to you a collection of signs, advertisements, and billboards during our time overseas.

I was told by an anonymous source (that rhymes with Barah) to provide instructions for any anonymous readers (uh…) who may be unaccustomed to the picture format.  Click on the top left picture, then once its loaded, click on the right arrow at the right of the picture.  Then you can click through all the photos.  Happy New Year, folks!


Semester in Review

At Prambanan Temple, Jogjakarta, wearing the required traditional sarong.

Prambanan Temple, Jogjakarta

Well, we’re alive and still abroad, just impossibly busy.  Running the upper school while trying to teach four classes has been challenging- my hardest teaching year so far.  I’m enjoying seeing education from both teaching and administrative angles, but it gives me little leisure time outside of a regular visit to Tortuga in the evening once the family is asleep.  Finally we are on a more substantial break, and I’m typing this on the balcony of our hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 7 km from the Angkor Wat temple complex, a location that has been deep in my bucket list.  I won’t spoil the report on that just yet. Continue reading