Signs of a New Year II

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  My more sophisticated readers may find this post improper and immature, but then, so am I.  As we meander around our globe, I’m always on the lookout for some innovative use of the English language, misconstrued innocent mistakes, and the just plain weird.  At the end of this post should be a link to last year’s vibrant collection.

Another unbelievable year abroad!  Thanks for reading, folks, and Happy New Year!


The Mainland Trilogy 3: Thailand

The juxtaposition that is Bangkok

The juxtaposition that is Bangkok

My last visit to Bangkok was in 1997.  I was backpacking my way home east after a two-year stint in Malawi and meandering south through Thailand, heading down into Malaysia to then drop off the edge of the peninsula into Indonesia.  My fellow wayfaring friends and I were staying in the Bangkok backpacker haven Khaosan Road.  I was immersed in my 20’s and lacked anything remotely resembling responsibilities.  My arrival into Bangkok this time was not quite the same.  1997- hoisted up my backpack, bring it on!  2015- limped a cart overflowing with luggage and a ripped bag of snacks, leaving a Hansel and Gretal trail through international arrivals with two peanut butter-faced kids being corralled by two disheveled parents. Continue reading